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2 years ago, JasonMichael4200

Great potential but won’t let me File a dispute

I have had so many non authorized payments get taken out of my cards account and every time I go to file a dispute It brings me to the first two pages confirming my account info then when it gets to the dispute page it says Try again later Page cannot be loaded right now and the Try again button doesn’t even work even when I go online it still says the same thing. I don’t wanna call in and do it because the list is so long on transactions that I wanna dispute. Other than that the banking is great. Please fix soon I don’t want to have to go to another bank because of this.

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9 months ago, hopefulheartcbd

Worst customer service I have ever felt with

Can’t log into the app or website at all. Called customer support 9 different times in one day trying to get it fixed. 5 of those times said sending a reset password link to my email. Never got it. I got hung up on twice. Never had a issue till that day. But can’t seem to get the help I need to get on the site and App. I have done nothing different on my end but made to feel multiple times I was the problem. I also have a hearing disability and mentioned this every time I talk to someone. You have people that don’t speak clear English and it’s a struggle each time I call. What is strange that each time I called they each had something different to say what was wrong. That it was fixed ect. It is NOT fixed and clearly need your customer service dept to have better training and also speak better pronunciation so we can better understand them. I was so flustered I got very upset and cried cause no one could help me at all to solve your issues on your end. I have deleted the app cause at this point im worried you have security issues and not being honest about what is going on.

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2 years ago, misscaaate

Completely scammy bank.

I am switching banks because I have been fighting with them for over a month and they have take over $100 of my money in random $2 charges and every time I try to dispute these charges the app conveniently never works. I have messaged them multiple times and they say the same thing. They are trying to say that they are charges from subscriptions but all of the charges come out on the same day exactly ONE minute after my check is posted. The bank is horrible and I am trying to warn people not to use it. I have taken screenshots and recordings of these charges and the times they occurred and ever went out of my way to not use my card anymore but somehow these charges continue to come out. I am once again $42 negative in my account. I will never bank with this company again and I will also be informing my work to stop working with this company as it is horrible and the customer service is never any help and they won’t let me dispute these charges. This is completely unacceptable and shady business practice. Switching back to my normal bank and deleting this app for good. DON’T USE!

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3 years ago, ggxgjjch

Worst bank ever!!

First off customer service is so bad! I’m only 16 and I had this bank for almost a year and In these last months I was getting money taken out of my account by someone from another state and I told them I didn’t spend and that wasn’t me and they told me they didn’t know and couldn’t help me!! The person took so much money from me on the account I don’t have anymore money and this was my primary banking since I’m not old enough to get something like PayPal. This is really the worst bank that you can bank with and it really makes me sad cs I’ve been trying to save up for a car and it’s impossible with skylight when a random person can take money from me, also even after there was no money I started getting so many decline fees so I just paused the accounts(I should have done that in the beginning) I tried to ask why they were given me these decline fees after I told them that this wasn’t me spending my money and the lady just kept saying “you Bought something” or should would say she didn’t know and only I can know and that they can’t help at all

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2 years ago, KrustyK413

terrible bank and terrible service

I’ve had this bank for only a few months bc of my job. it’s the card that i get paid through direct deposit. my account was working perfectly fine and all of a sudden they locked my account. i called and they said to verify my identity i needed to prove three personal documents which one i don’t have because i’m a minor. they said there was nothing they can do and that’s their policies. i DO NOT RECOMMEND this bank to nobody. i have my own bills to pay even being a minor , i work because i need the money and i get paid every two weeks to then have to wait a whole week and a few days to get paid when i’ve been supposed to get paid. im now behind on bills and behind on a lot of things especially since it getting near holiday season. Overall this app and this bank is a 0/10. theyre policies are only convenient to them. i would recommend switching banks as soon as possible to a more reliable bank. this bank needs to get shut down honestly . worst experience in all my life .

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2 years ago, Clarrisawoods

Trash- scam - don’t bank with them

Don’t waste your time. You can’t deposit cash money gram or check with the card, withdraws AND balance inquiries cost $1.00 to process Every. Time. And they charge you $30 a day if you have a negative balance. I was -$90 over buying gas when I needed it and the card took a long time to process and tell me the charge for the gas went through (like 3 days) so I thought I had more than I actually did (-$90 for 3 days of charges) and then tried to figure out how to bring my card to the positive, the only way I could do this was through my job who forced this card on me as a means of pay, only to find out the only way I could get cash into the account was through my job, pay wasn’t for 2 more days and finally got out of the negative, only to be told that the grace period to dispute a negative charge was 24 hours. BUT I DIDNT EVEN GET A NOTIFICATION I WAS NEGATIVE UNTIL D A Y 3. heck this company. Don’t waste your time or money. The customer service on the phone was rude. Please god Don’t bother.

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3 years ago, S. Eric NP


This app doesnt even deserve a star. Ive been trying to get into the app for three days to try and close my account but every time i log in it takes 20minutes for anything to load or it just doesnt load anything and you have to constantly refresh the app. Customer Service is not helpful, there was a negative balance on my account and it is almost impossible to send money onto the card if you dont have direct deposit, which i dont because i stopped using the card. customer service keeps telling me things i already know instead of helping me figure out how to get money onto the account. I used paypal and the transaction was canceled. used it another time and the money sent but disappeared an hour later. tried sending money from another debit card and it says the bank doesn’t exist / the bank has my account paused. Its not worth it, if you have to use it, hurry up and find a different card to send your direct deposit to.

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1 year ago, Amahmano

I need help pls

Recently they shut down my account with no warning or nothing and I found out later on and they told me it was for my safety. And I have no idea what happened to my money. I can’t login or access my money, history, transactions or my statements. I called them multiple times after hours of wait and going through so much mentally for the past week I was able to get a hold of them and get an answer. They said they send my money in a paper check form via UPS. Did this happen to anyone else? did y’all get your money/checks? Pls I need to know im really panicking. That was my hard/work earned money. This is so messed up and I can’t imagine happening to anyone. Pls don’t bank with them I didn’t have as worse of experience like it was ok until now this is just something else I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. It’s the worse feeling. I don’t trust them. Idk if I can after what they to my account without me knowing or giving me an heads up.

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4 years ago, Jim Dartley

Avoid at all costs

Customer service is overseas, they have ZERO capabilities since they’re not stateside and can only email requests to the departments (in the US) that you will NEVER be able to speak to. The only bank that I, or anyone else for that matter, have EVER heard to have a MAXIMUM deposit amount. When demanded to provide documentation proving your deposit (same company that has sent countless deposits with NO problems) they will tell you you have until exactly 5pm CST to meet all of their demands or they will reject your direct deposit and hold it for up to 6 days. I called at exactly 8AM, conferenced my employer in to the call, got them the letter they demanded and yet it STILL won’t be released until THEY call both my payroll person and me to confirm once again. What happens when you call them? Either it’s a fast busy signal (70% of the time) or the automated bot will tell you to call back later and HANG UP ON YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME. The. Absolute. Worst. Ever. If you want your payroll held hostage, these guys will hook you up! Next call is to the Attorney General, one after that is the CFPB. Creating obstacles and limiting communication are the types of offenses directly related to predatory lending that results in enormous fines and much more. Creat problem, limit solution = Company Mantra Despicable business practices and clearly failing their fiduciary responsibilities.

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7 months ago, Ytn.Sully

Terrible interface for customer and customer support is clueless also

The app is bugged out all the way and the company seems to be that way somewhat also it started out okay like any pay card account but problems arose once they start offering you stuff like an upgraded account that you’ll never receive the card for been waiting 8 plus months and re order the card a dozen cards and lord forbid you have to report a card lost or stolen or need to pay a bill you will not have a way to access your money at all and they’ll just say sorry and make excuses because the virtual account feature does not work at all and customer service tells you to do the things you done before you’d even call them just overall your better off banking with cashapp if you need or anything else but stop trusting your money with this company it’s nothing but headache

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4 years ago, qubitzilla

Warning! Don’t bank here!!!

Believe me, if I could give minus stars I absolutely would. I’ve been a customer for over 8yrs, and rather enjoyed having an account with them. But recently, I tried to dispute two transactions of my account that ended up being fraudulent and instead of helping me, they denied the disputes and permanently closed my account. On top of all this, they permanently banned me from opening another account with them ever. When I attempted to get answers on two separate occasions, nobody could tell me why. I kept being told I would hear back within 24hrs from their fraud department. But never did. I did nothing suspicious. I did nothing fraudulent. I reached out to my bank for help, and they double victimized me. Why would I EVER want to open another account with a bank who treats their long term customers like this? Absolutely abhorrent behavior and customer service. I HIGHLY recommend NEVER trusting this bank with your money.

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1 year ago, m1735


The absolute worst card and app. My employer uses this for payroll so I have no choice but to use this scam card. Good luck getting help if you have issues (and you will). Customer service is nonexistent. My app won’t even let me file a dispute or contact them with the problem. I’ve sent multiple messages with zero response for months so far. I accidentally linked the card to my Apple Pay, and it tried to charge my card for a subscription fee. I always transfer money out of the app when it’s deposited so there’s never any in there, and when it tries to charge your card it charges you a dollar everytime. Sometimes subscriptions will attempt to charge the card 6 or 7 times in a row, and it’s $1 everytime. There isn’t one good thing I can say about this garbage card. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Don’t use if you don’t have to.

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3 weeks ago, thrgsujrbux

Never received my Paycheck

I’ve barely started my account with them and I’ve been trying to get my paycheck that’s due to me a whole 2 weeks ago. That’s going on a month and I still haven’t gotten my paycheck smh . Very sad , embarrassing to me and my family. I’ve spoken to over 20 representatives just to be told wait six hours for the verification team. Ok well I waited for 2 days for a response and nothing. I’m not really sure if this is a legitimate bank . How they done and handle so many peoples money and stolen paychecks. How are they still in business?? I’m reporting to the FEDERAL BUREAU ASASP!! There’s no need to report , them if they’re not going to fix anything or return your money back to you. Geez you guys are definitely getting the love from loyal customers that you are robbing them out of their money. I JUST WANT WHATS MINE !!! GIVE ME MY PAYCHECK!!!

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1 year ago, Rick12345678900987654321

Replacing card is horrible

Been waiting almost two weeks for a replacement card. The first card they told me they had the address wrong and it didn’t come the day it was suppose to so they blocked it and then sent another. On the day my second card was suppose to come the one they blocked came in the mail but were they blocked it I can’t use it. Still waiting on my card was suppose to been here today and yet hasn’t came. Horrible service should’ve just waited and I would’ve been able to use the first card. Ps it’s the next day when my second card should’ve been sent to my house but still isn’t here now the app is say 5 more days. So that makes over two weeks I haven’t had access to my money that I work hard for. I am so infuriated right now.

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2 years ago, Juanita Richardson


I’ve be trying to resolve an issue with this so call bank for over a month with a charge that wasn’t mine and still haven’t received a refund. They came they could offer a “provisional credit”, but I want my money. After several phone calls and emails, I’m still waiting so when I get my money I’m definitely closing this card out. UPDATE: I’m still trying to resolve this issue that happened in November and they are blaming me because I didn’t submit paperwork to get provisional credit. Let’s be real Netspend/Skylight, it doesn’t take two and half months to see that I didn’t make a charge and refund me my money. Then then when you email or call you get the same script, blah blah blah. I just want my money so I can close out this account.

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2 years ago, Mastergunguy

Worst banking app I’ve ever seen.

I’m forced to used this app to cash out tips at my work. First of all, it’s slow and clunky but that’s not even the worst of it. Currently it’s telling me I am not allowed to transfer ANY MONEY TO MY PRIMARY BANK ACCOUNT. So my money is stuck in the skylight account. I can’t put it in my other bank accounts because of a cap of some kind. I just got off the phone with customer service and they told me: 1). Call my main bank (clearly trying to get me off the phone) 2). Let me put you on hold (I was on hold longer than I spoke to anyone) 3). Use an ATM machine. After an HOUR of being on the phone, their solution to this problem was “just take the cash out of an ATM machine and deposit it to your main account.” One star is too high.

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2 years ago, Fbriannon

Missing Money

Account says I’m in the negative when I know for a fact I had money on there. I accidentally made a $5 purchase on this card since I forgot it was linked to my AppStore, and was overdrawn $1. First red flag is that I know there was more than $5 on the card, as I haven’t been using it. Second, I can not log into nor access my funds/ deposit history/ purchases. If I’m charged for this $1 over draft I will be reporting this bank. There’s no way to even add money from my actual bank account on to this card- I tried PayPal and Venmo, neither work. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I only got this card because I was required to. I don’t recommend anyone use this app. My money has been stolen and that isn’t even an exaggeration

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4 weeks ago, WolfeK

Terrible User Interface, Poor Service

Should be 0 out of 5 stars. Customer service was okay until I wasted an hour of checking and changing account information only to be told well after the fact that my account was “ineligible for bank transfer,” granted that’s on my employers side, but I could’ve saved time and made progress resolving the issue of needing to use two different ATM’s to transfer funds every time a lot faster if I had been told the correct reason why I’m unable to add my bank account to my Netspend account and card. No information can be changed in the app, you’ll need to waste your time calling customer service to change or add anything. Not user friendly at all.

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4 years ago, DamiaAlise

Worst prepaid card/app

I work for arbys. My new card just came on Monday, it was working great that day. Today I tried ordering food but my card wouldn’t work didn’t think nothing of it. Today I requested a Lyft for work but for some reason my card wasn’t working again even tho I’ve already used it yesterday. I’ve tried calling customer service multiple times and stayed on the phone for 40min. I can’t even call to check my balance on my card it automatically transferred me to customer service even tho I didn’t ask. I’ve also tried setting a account online to check my balance but it says “something went wrong please call customer service” Now I have absolutely no way to get to or from work... especially in today’s crisis this IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

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1 year ago, Dobbs14

Absolute Scam

My card information was stolen/hacked on January 6th and i’ve been fighting them since to get $918 returned to my account. The person was able to duplicate my information and perform multiple atm transactions over my daily limit. They said nothing/ no one was found at fault and every time i try to relaunch an investigation the app decides to crash or convince you not load when attempting. DO NOT leave any money in your account (this is not a real bank), it will get taken and it is not insured by an federal commission. Don’t waste your time with these people, immediately set up direct deposit. I’ve filed multiple police reports against this company for fraud and breach of security, don’t make the same mistakes I did.

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1 year ago, Rayvenbird

Very sketchy

I went to the grocery store picked up a bunch of packs of water that were very heavy, I go to check out and something is wrong with my card, I know I have the money on it because I checked before I went to the grocery every time I swipe the card it kept say (unauthorized) and when I would shop online is said (declined) skylight didn’t tell me anything until June 6th where I had to call and be told by a robot that my card was block and idk why it was blocked when they didn’t ask me. Very weird and I’m definitely gonna change where I get paid cause this company is so weird.

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4 months ago, justaballag

Devs please read ❤️ and fix thank you

When I close the app while logged in and go to open it again I ALWAYS have to force close the app and reopen before log in appears. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I was in the app. It only happens when I leave the app in my recents (swipe up on iOS and see recent apps). If I close it from the swipe up menu it’s ready to go next time I open it. It’s probably something to do with pulling the log in screen back up after the privacy screen goes up.

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1 year ago, king_ant31


I never write reviews on anything but this one was needed. customer services are not much help and Felt like my money was being held hostage I’ve been fighting over my money for weeks and they couldn’t do anything about it. The moment I got payed they locked my card and said I was missing documents after sending them and they weren’t to clear on where to send theses documents and I think it’s very unprofessional that you have to send the email instead of them sending an email to you there’s risk your very important information could fall into the wrong hands. I will now be switching to a real bank and never using anything with skylight or net spend on it ever again

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5 years ago, Hakeem957


Just crappy by all means. I’ve been with this so called company for 4 years and I still haven’t seen any good updates. How about actually connecting with a actual bank that’ll support everything and everyone. Can’t make deposits anywhere and I should know because from South Carolina to Texas there’s nothing we can do when it comes to talking to these people. EMAILING DOESNT WORK, even if you talk to them on the phone they can’t help you out at all. Trust me when I say this DONT BANK WITH THESE PEOPLE. Money has been taken off of my account and I got a text message while at work showing my balance. 50 was taken off by who I don’t know but when I contacted them they said we can’t help you out sir. I have many more stories of anyone wants to know

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4 years ago, Aj Mowatt

Just want my money back.

I say for a while I’ve had a pretty good experience with them but things have changed. Someone got my info and made purchases out of state and I got alerts. I was able to pause my card and Skylight blocked my account when they noticed the transaction. After they text me to call and it took over 2 and a half hours to speak to someone. They told me everything is resolved and unblock my account. Of the two disputed transaction they only fixed one and I assumed they would fix the second later. I saw the bigger transaction restored to my account. I get up the next day to see If the second was restored and the first transaction was still taken out. Customer service needs work!

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6 months ago, Mamacain

Terrible Customer service!

If it was at all possible to give negative stars this one would definitely get them. No matter what information you give them they seem to want more information to verify you. If I can provide you with my personal information, SSN, the cards CVV, the last transactions, my phone number on the account, my home address etc why do I need to send you a copy of my ID and a bill? Then you want me to verify my credit information? And my login information just to be transferred to another department and to be asked an entirely new list of “security verification” questions. This is the worst customer experience I have ever experienced.

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3 years ago, Reynolds Amy

Card stolen

It’s insane how hard it is to report a card stolen my card had been drained less then 24 hours ago my car was broke into while at work and the only I was able to cancel was my Discover card and I spoke with a live person the way any card should be I still seat with my card out there and none of my cards have answered and this card is the only way I get my tips from work. I have no choice but to keep this card but yes need a 24/7 way of us contacting when fraud is being done. It shouldn’t matter time or date or holidays. A.A Delivery driver

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8 months ago, Shadybrooke


Not reliable at all! My card was stolen and my money was spent. I called letting them know and they acted like to problem was resolved. Turned out that later that day they restricted my account. I called for assistance and they told me the exact email and reference number to send my information to. I’ve been watching for a week and keep calling back. They said it would take 6 business hours. I’ve been hung up on once and given the wrong information and other times they aren’t interested in my issue with my account. I have no way to receive my next pay check or get access to the money put back on my account.

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2 years ago, kurtis19971997

Possibly changing jobs

I got this card through my job and been with them for over 6 years my question is am I’m able to still used this card at a different job because I’m thinking of taking a job offer at a different job and wondering if I’m able to used it and get direct deposit at a new job don’t know if this change anything scenes it’s a payroll card

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3 years ago, K-rock6


I started using this “bank” because my employer can direct deposit faster into this account than my credit Union. This is a terrible system. I’ve been disputing a double billing from my loan company. The company isn’t disputing the charges and would like to give the money back. However this “bank” is holding it hostage with absolutely ridiculous demands. Meanwhile when you call, you get someone that doesn’t speak English or is capable of understanding words of any kind. Also their mobile deposit is a joke. They won’t deposit anything. So I still have to use my credit Union to cash any paper checks. Why even have this account if it doesn’t do anything?

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1 year ago, Zamarion :)

Worst bank ever worst customer service

If you’re banked w these people honestly jus get a debit card they’re literal not helpful at all they blocked me out my account and I was unable to use Face ID to get in. I’ve had previous problems before but this one Is the worst I called 8 times and I get the same response and being put on hold for 40 minutes they are thieves and won’t help you when you actually need it like it’s so frustrating not being able to spend MY money cause they want to be dumb. Telling me I have to verify my account when I already have my emails and number are literally linked to them. DONT BANK W THEM

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2 years ago, NaiJV


My employers are making us use this bank to retrieve the cash we make at work. It just seems like they told my employer they don’t have to worry about giving us cash every day and now we get to pay all sorts of fees to use OUR money. I literally can’t move my money anywhere from this account anywhere, this bank doesn’t support even support Apple Pay. All the reviews talk about being scammed so I want to move my money asap but I’ve tried moving money to my venmo, setting up an external account to transfer with my other bank account and nothing is working. I’m already frustrated and it’s been a day.

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1 year ago, pro IF


I’ve been using this bank for a little under a year and have had so many issues. My card would decline even when I had money on it and they would still charge you a decline fee. I’ve had 2 instances where money came off my card for absolutely no reason. I disputed the transactions, they shut down my card and then take 2 weeks to send me a new card. I recently tried to set up a virtual a account and it wouldn’t allow me so I called customer service and they were unable to help me set up a virtual account without giving me any reason. Seriously!!! Do not use this bank

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7 months ago, aloe <3

Way to difficult to use and navigate

I have to use this card for deposits for my job and it is THE WORST card I’ve ever had. They don’t know what they’re talking about on customer service. I get that the job can be difficult but never ever make something up because you don’t know. I’ve been trying to activate my card for my Apple Pay for almost TWO WEEKS now. I try to send the documents needed and I can’t even use the resources I have. Too difficult, verification is way to tedious. 1 star, don’t recommend this to anyone, and will only be using this to receive my deposits.

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11 months ago, braionna32

It’s honestly ridiculously

I’m am minor and I used this card for my first ever job but Hoya access to a better bank so I switched my direct to deposit over there and emptied the account now I’m seeing $2.13 twice coming from a Apple bill but I only received one check on there and didn’t use it on any subscriptions and took All my money off and put it cashapp and it’s honestly ridiculous cause the card has also been locked so idk how Apple is taking money they’re broke and bums tbh if u gotta scam for $2.13 don’t use and i won’t be paying those over withdrawals fees so figure it out fr.

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2 years ago, dick2344324


Used this as a pay card for my job for a year, and as my only deb it card. First off, the card itself is flimsy and wears out quickly. Second, the app is incredibly slow. Third, if you try to use a VPN with the app, it locks your card out. My new job finally gives me a different better pay card, so I try to use the skylight check at a check cashing store, and they said this company gave them trouble in the past so they no longer do that. After a phone call, I now have to wait 3 business days to get MY money back. Ridiculous. AVOID THIS CARD IF YOU CAN!!!

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10 months ago, Manalons

They won’t be liable for any stolen money

A month ago I noticed $180 dollars were missing from my card. I called skylight to let them know that my money had been stolen. Apparently someone had used an atm an hour away from where I live and removed the funds. Skylight told me they would investigate. I received a letter saying that my claim was denied because no irregularities were found. I asked them how they arrived to that conclusion, they said because the money was retrieved with my pin. I told them that my card must’ve been cloned. Don’t bank with them, your money is not secure with these liars.

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2 years ago, JC 901

Plain awful

This company is set up to only take in your money and make it difficult to get your money out without fees. My job is forcing me to use this to get my tips and mileage. You want to set up direct deposit to them, pay money into the account, or bank transfer into this, they can do that easily. Want to bank transfer out? You’re out of luck. You have to find one of their in-network atms, then go to your bank to deposit it. Any institution that plays you like this isn’t worth your time if you have a choice. Steer clear of NetSpend as a whole if you can

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4 months ago, Chuck McSpeedy

Customer support refuses to open up my tax return to my account

I got my tax return in my cash app account, the same one I’ve used for the past year with netspend, and for some reason they decide to lock $1400 dollars in stasis because “we cannot add your cash app name as an authorized user” I’ve sent and received at least 15,000 dollars from my cash app and netspend account for bills and purchases over the past year and literally NEVER had an issue til now just to be told that they will not let the deposit through and I’ll be waiting 6-14 BUSINESS days. Absolute horsesh@t

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6 years ago, ZorroZerf

Why doesn’t it support All-Access accounts?

I’ve been with Netspend for years & was recently upgraded to the All-Access account. I am very disappointed that my app no longer supports my account & when I follow the link to the App Store to get the one that will it brings me right back to this one. It’s so aggravating & it has now locked me out of my account. Please update this app to include All-Access accounts or release an app that does. I hate that my money is tied up because I’m afraid of overdrawing the account.

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4 years ago, Boopnoppp2

Worst service I’ve ever used.

I have been trying to get access to my card online and through the app for coming up on a week now. I have activated my card and been told my balance over the phone. That is the furthest I’ve gotten to having access to my funds. Every time I try and make an account or log into an account I’m just told to call (customer service number) but when I call I’m just told by the automated message to go through and activate my card again. I emailed customer service on Tuesday and still have not received a message. I regret choosing this as my form of payment. Worst service ever.

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3 years ago, FSCsooner

Where to start

Don’t know where to start about how buggy & just downright awful this app is. I generally keep my earning in my savings account, and the process of going through a savings transfer is so long because of how buggy the app is. It’s constantly saying, “something went wrong with the connection”, it’ll sign you out randomly, and even say you need to contact customer service because your account is locked when it’s not locked. They claimed they improved the app, but what they really did is mess it up.

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3 months ago, Davidp619

I have had great service

I have had this account though work and I have nothing to complain about. Especially if you are just starting out somewhere new like me. I moved from a different state and started a job right away and needed a quick bank. Thankful for this service

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4 months ago, Design Home 25

Activate , then NO CONTACT

Sir/Madam I’m reaching out to you because of the following concerns: 1. After activating my card and receiving SMS links to download the app and register for online access I have been unable to in fact complete the registration process nor gain online access 2. I never received a confirmation email after activation of my card which is what customarily happens 3. Your system is erroneously not recognizing my email address when attempts are being made to update my password/usernames 4 Attempts to contact a customer service rep result in an endless loop of the automated system. I do believe it to be against the law WHERE YOU DO BUSINESS to make yourself unavailable especially when handling monetary transactions. Please kindly reply to this email with contact details for a live agent so that we can begin to rectify this issue.

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1 year ago, ayooitsabbeh1

Absolutely Terrible DO NOT USE THIS BANK

I have been a skylight customer for close to 5 years! I’ve asked to have 3 overdraft fees to be waived from my account and I had to wait on hold for 1 whole hour in where I was first disconnected on purpose with the first representative who stated he was going to waive them and put me on hold!! I called back and spoke to sherry who stated she talked to her supervisor and said they could only waive one of them?? Not okay! I will never be using this bank ever again and as a customer of 5 years you just lost one of very many.

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4 days ago, Izaac 96

2nd review

This is my second review that I have to write because I honestly love this bank. I just deposited a check into my bank by taking a picture of the check and it only cost a few dollars to instantly transfer it. Thanks net spend. Now I’m finding out Apple Pay is available? Yay.

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2 years ago, OBXGIRL1234

, unethical, fraudulent bank, illegal practices

I’m going to be contacting the federal government for your lack of support and resolve to my and many other account holder issues. I and many other people who have no other option for banking are forced into being an account holder via our jobs payroll. We work hard and earn little. You practice complaint diversion , accuse account holder of lying when we tell you our account has been compromised by theft. You are federally insured for this purpose. What you are doing is illegal

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6 years ago, TheJazzHerald

Looking for a better solution.

Been with Skylight several years. Card works everywhere I need it too. No problems with D/D. N/P even with 2 pay checks for a short period. O/D service has come in very handy. Telephone customer svc has been decent. Biggest problems now are: - No ApplePay/GooglePay/SamsungPay - No Secure Chip Card - Not approved for Über, Lift - Not approved for Venmo, ApplePayCard, Square, etc - Can’t use for car rental - Almost impossible to add non D/D funds since Walmart & CVS no longer support MoneyGram (M/G). - M/G is a cumbersome ripoff, should allow Skylight deposit thru M/G App. - Can’t find No-Fee ATMs, CashBack terminals are the only option - No Photo/Check Deposit capability - Other Svcs like Simple and Chime offer all of this and more. Just download Chime. Hope you Skylight NetSpend people get your act together quickly.

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7 months ago, Blaze4ekite

they steal your money

just like EVERY OTHER REVIEW they steal your money. my payday all shows how much i make exactly and then at the end of every shift it’s uploaded to the netspend app. for some reason everyone of these charges are 75 cents LESS than the money i earned, yet the “fees” tab is empty. i was forced to use this app by my employers, now my tips are being stolen 75 cents every shift. you can reach out to me, developers, because a class action lawsuit is coming your way next time i work and i get money stolen again

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8 months ago, evanejoover

Crappy bank

I can’t close my account after multiple attempts and emails. I’m negative $84 because I got charged for having no money. I switched over to direct deposit with capital one and had about $30-$35 in my account, gone. Now I’m negative $84 and out about $120

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You are always on the go. Get the app that helps make sure your money keeps up with you! The Skylight ONE App gives you the power to manage your account on the move. Managing your money wherever, whenever. With ease and speed you can: - Check your account balance and transaction history - Find surcharge-free ATM locations - Get direct deposit information - Send money to friends and family It’s secure, fast, and free.

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Netspend Skylight ONE iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)


What bank owns Netspend Skylight? ›

The Netspend® Skylight® Account is a deposit account that is offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC. Netspend is a service provider to Republic Bank & Trust Company. Certain products and services may be licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,000,608 and 6,189,787.

Is there a Skylight One app? ›

You are always on the go. Get the app that helps make sure your money keeps up with you! The Skylight ONE App gives you the power to manage your account on the move.

Is Skylight a real bank? ›

Skylight Financial, Inc., a TSYS Company, is a registered limited agent of Regions Bank. The Skylight ONE Prepaid Mastercard may be used everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted. Certain products and services may be licensed under U.S. patent Nos 6,000,608 and 6,189,787.

What time does Skylight direct deposit hit? ›

How and when are deposits made to the Skylight account? Deposits to the account are made primarily by direct deposit and are guaranteed to be available to you by 9am on payday.

What bank is SkylightPaycard through? ›

The Skylight ONE® Prepaid Mastercard® is issued by Axos Bank, Republic Bank & Trust Company or SunTrust Bank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated.

What bank does Netspend belong to? ›

Netspend Visa® and MasterCard® Prepaid Cards are issued by The Bancorp Bank, Pathward®, National Association, and Republic Bank & Trust Company, Members FDIC. Netspend is a registered agent of The Bancorp Bank, Pathward, NA, and Republic Bank & Trust Company.

What company owns Netspend? ›

AUSTIN, May 1, 2023 — International payments company Rêv Worldwide (Rêv), in partnership with funds advised by Searchlight Capital Partners, L.P. (Searchlight), today completed its purchase of the Netspend consumer business from Global Payments (NYSE: GPN) in an all-cash transaction valued at $1 billion.

Is Netspend issued by MetaBank? ›

The Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank®, National Association, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Card may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

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