Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic glaive guide - how to start the quest (2024)

How do you start the Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic glaive quest?The Destiny 2 Vexcalibur is a reward from a secret questline called The Variable that players can access from the EDZ. While it’s not difficult to earn, you still have to find the quest starting location and complete some objectives before beginning the mission to grant access to it. This seasonal exotic will eventually allow players to craft versions that leverage special catalysts to make it extraordinarily powerful, so it’s worth pursuing.

The Destiny 2 Vexcalibur is another exotic on the Destiny 2 Lightfall exotics list. Here’s what you need to know to start the quest in the popular FPS game.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic quest steps

To start the Destiny 2 Vexcalibur quest, you must first perform a series of tasks in The Gulch of the EDZ and will then have to complete the //node.ovrd.AVALON// mission. Note that there is no quest indicator on the game’s destination map, so you’ll need to find it on your own. Also, this quest requires players to own Lightfall and the Destiny 2 season 20 content, so if your fireteam buddies don’t own the expansion, they won’t be able to help you.

The Vexcalibur exotic quest steps are as follows:

  1. Investigate the digital trace.
  2. Find the digital traces in the EDZ.
  3. Complete the mission//node.ovrd.AVALON//
  4. Visit the War Table to analyse the object.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur – how to start the Variable quest

If you’re struggling with how to start the Variable quest and unlock the secret mission, here’s a breakdown.

Investigate the digital trace

The quest begins in The Gulch near the fast travel point, on the high-ground area. To start the quest, you must find a glowing Vex ball of energy. Standing near it will grant an access code, but several numbers will be question marks. This is your cue to pursue the other balls of Vex energy around The Gulch.

Find digital traces in the EDZ

You’ll then need to find six more balls of Vex energy, which you can pick up by standing near them. You’ll only have 30 seconds between each to collect them, and you’ll need to begin the task again if you don’t collect them in time, so be quick. They’re not too difficult to find, so search the area, and this should not pose a challenge. This will unlock a simulated cave access code, but you won’t find any directions toward it. Instead, look for a Vex storm effect in the air and check the lower areas of The Gulch until you find the cave entrance below it.

This leads you to a harpy and then unlocks the mission. Bungie recommends an 1800 Power level for this mission, so be sure you are sufficiently levelled before you begin it.

Complete//node.ovrd.AVALON// mission

Once you reach this point, you must complete the //node.ovrd.AVALON//mission, which involves solving several code input puzzles. In a later phase, you’ll also need to deposit motes, followed by a boss damage phase, which you’ll repeat. Though it’s a neat mission, it’s not easy, so you may want to enlist a squad to help you.

In this mission, you’ll also need to fight an enemy boss from the retired Pyramidion Destiny 2 strike. Note that here, you’ll also have to be on the lookout for code inputs, which are easy to miss as they are on the floor of the combat area.

Return to the War Table

Once you’ve completed the mission, visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M. to analyse your findings and receive your reward.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exoticglaive

The Destiny 2 Vexcalibur is an exotic Void glaive with extremely high impact, handling, and range stats. Its Intrinsic Trait is M1R Distribution Matrix, which fires a spread from the glaive. It also has a quick-draining shield that gradually bestows overshield to the player and allies. Its Perpetual Loophole trait then ensures that it will deal additional melee damage when protected by an overshield, and melee final blows while you have an overshield will reset the overshield.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic catalyst

Obtaining the Vexcalibur also grants players the pattern for the weapon, which they can then extract to begin crafting it.

Exotic Intrinsics for Vexcalibur will unlock every week. You will need to visit the H.E.L.M. to pick up the weekly Legendary quest, which requires you to defeat enemies with Vexcalibur for a new mod type. Socketing these into the weapon allows you to access one of three Exotic chests in the mission. However, you can only obtain one at the moment.

Vexcalibur catalysts drop from clearing the mission boss on Legendary difficulty.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic glaive quest. If you’re hungry for more Lightfall exotics in the popular multiplayer game, check out our guides to the Destiny 2 Final Warning exoticquest, the Winterbite exoticglaive quest, and the Deterministic Chaos exotic quest.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic glaive guide - how to start the quest (2024)
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